Nepal trenger vår hjelp!

Jordskjelvet i Nepal har rammet så hardt og vondt. Og vi kjenner alle på et behov for å kunne bidra. Flere av merkene vi selger her hos LiBe er produsert i Katmandu, og de har en stor del av hjertet sitt i Nepal. Sammen føler vi et stort ansvar for å gjøre noe.  LiBe er en liten butikk uten de store midlene til disposisjon, men vi kan alle gjøre noe. Vi har derfor bestemt at i hele mai måned vil vi donere kr. 50,- for hvert plagg vi selger fra det etiske klesmerket Komodo til en organisasjon som driver direkte arbeid blant rammede av jordskjelvet.  Dette gjelder salg i butikken vår på Sagene og i nettbutikken Jeg oppfordrer samtidig alle andre butikker som selger varer som er produsert i Nepal om å gjøre det samme!unnamed (1)

Her finner du klærne vi fører fra Komodo

La oss sammen bidra med den støtten vi kan!

nepal donasjon

Komodo har sammen med noen andre fashionbrands som produserer i Nepal dannet gruppen «Brand AID for Nepal», og pengene vil gå til støtte i Nepal gjennom The Bulldog Trust.

Fra Komodo teamet: «News of the devastating earthquake in Nepal has long been feared by all those who know the country well. Thankfully we have heard news from most of our people over the weekend and although conditions are more than difficult and very frightening, they have not suffered any fatalities or serious injuries yet. Though there are still some we have not been able to contact. Compounding the distress of the people is a lack of preparation and resources to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately years of poor governance have led this situation. We all have the feeling of wanting to help those in need, but not knowing for sure how to reach them. Through our friends in Kathmandu who have experience working in major aid agencies, mostly International Committee of the Red Cross, we feel we have a network we can trust to channel funds and aid to the people and places it’s needed most, without the substantial risk of those funds being wasted through corruption or inefficiency.

We are supporting and co-ordinating our relief efforts through an english woman, Alison Marston, who was born and lives in Kathmandu and has the connections, skills and reputation needed to be wholly effective. She is supported by many other friends and organisations who recognise her teams ability and integrity. Her support chain starts here in London with The Bulldog Trust (Registered Charity No. 1123081 Registered Company No. 06510777), an established, trusted UK charity who forward ALL raised funds to her tightly controlled organisation in Kathmandu, which Alison manages entirely.

Freddy, Lois and myself are all due to head out to Kathmandu soon and whilst we hope to be able to work on our collection and see things get back to normal, we know there will surely be the overwhelming atmosphere of a country dealing with this huge disaster. We will be following up, co-ordinating and reporting back on the work Alison and her team are carrying out. We’ve been in contact with our good friends from other brands who work in Nepal and we want to unite in our efforts together and hope by doing so we can build a bigger fund and more effectiveness on the ground.

We are forming a group called ‘Brand Aid’ and appealing to all those who have a connection to Nepal. Some of you have clothing Brands, some have shops who sell our brands, some of you wear our brands or maybe have been to Nepal for trekking or holidays or have a Nepali or Tibetan friend …maybe you just feel you want to do something to lend support to them.

For all of you who want to show support for them – we want to be stronger together and to show the people there that we are thinking of them and ready to help them in their time of need. We will be sending regular news updates of what projects and people we are reaching. Please join us and contribute to bring effective relief and to help rebuild their lives in Nepal.

Best wishes and thanks, Mark, Praj, Pooja, Tony, Fred, Lois, Ken and all the Komodo team»

Om du ønsker å donere gjennom «Brand Aid» direkte kan du gjøre det via denne linken:

❤ Nepal

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